What is IR Blaster?

What is IR Blaster?

 IR Blaster is like a magic wand that can control electronic devices like your TV, DVD player or stereo.  It uses special technology called infrared to send signals to your device, telling it what to do.

 IR Blaster is like a remote control, through it you can turn your phone or tablet into a virtual remote.  But it can work with many different devices and you can easily control your home electronics or home appliances.  But you may need to have a Remote control app or you may have one pre-installed.

What is the full name of IR Blaster?

 The full name of IR Blaster is “Infrared Blaster”.

How to choose IR Blaster?

 There are plenty of apps in the Google Play Store that can help you control your home entertainment system.  There are many such apps on Google Play Store, some apps are free while some apps are paid.  Among these, Universal TV Remote Control and AnyMote Universal Remote are very popular applications.

 Not all apps that use infrared technology are meant to control all devices.  Some apps are designed to work only with specific brands.  Before installing an app, it’s important to read its description to see if it will work with your device.

 IR Blaster is a third party based application, so before downloading it, you should also check about its security. How much should the third party app IR Blaster be trusted?

Smartphones with IR Blaster feature :

 Not all smartphone companies offer IR Blaster feature.  In such a situation, while buying a smartphone, one should pay attention to which smartphone IR Blaster is being offered with.  In this, the names of Samsung and Xiaomi come first.

 At present, IR blaster feature is not available in all Android phones, but still there are many phone models in which this feature is available.  The feature of IR Blaster is also available in the recently launched “OnePlus Nord 3”.

 Apart from this, Vivo X80 Pro, Xiaomi 12 Pro, Xiaomi 11T series, Poco X4 Pro, Redmi Note 11 Pro and Pro Plus, Poco M4 Pro are such smartphones in which IR Blaster feature is available.

Benefits of IR Blaster :

 Following are the benefits of using IR Blaster.

 1. convenient : With IR Blaster, you can use one thing to control all your electronic accessories.  You don’t even need to have a lot of knowledge about how it works because it works the same way as a remote control.

 2. Efficiency : The IR blaster is like a magic wand, allowing you to control your accessories from a distance.  You can easily control the equipment without even having to stand at the location.  This helps you save your functionality in large and convenient homes where you may have difficulty getting near the appliance.

 3. Generality : The IR blaster has the ability to control many electronic devices, such as televisions, set-top boxes, air conditioners, DVD players, stereos, and others.  With this you do not need separate remote controls and you can control all of them from a single device.

 4. Savings : Since you have a single IR blaster for different devices, you don’t have to buy separate remote controls.  This reduces your expenses and provides you with the convenience of a single communication tool to control your devices.

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