What is Antivirus? and how does it work?

What is Antivirus?

 Just as viruses enter the system due to our carelessness, other sources, pen drives etc., they damage the data present in our computer and slow down the speed of the system.

 Antivirus is a type of program code that identifies viruses and deletes them so that the data present in the computer like photos, files, videos can remain safe.

 It is also known as Anti Malware because it protects the computer from Malware, Spyware and gives protection to the system.  Virus Scan was the first antivirus program created in 1987 by Andreas Leuning and Kai Fage.

 This antivirus was launched by McAfee company.  But as new technology progressed, security companies started creating new software programs which are quite popular today.  We have explained in detail below how many types of antivirus are there and which is the best antivirus.

How does antivirus work?

 When we install an antivirus in our computer, it scans all the files present in our computer.  While scanning, each file is scanned in a different way so that the difference between the file and the virus present in the computer can be detected and then in this way it identifies the virus in the data file present in the computer and destroys them.

 As we told you above that virus is identified in a system by scanning it in different ways.  The ways in which it does so are as follows:

 Heuristic-Based Detection

 Sandbox Detection

 Signature-Based Detection

 Data Mining Techniques

 Behavioral-Based Detection

Features of Antivirus :

 Full System Scanning :

 It is best to use this feature whenever there is a new update for the antivirus.  When a new update comes, it has the ability to identify new viruses, so when we scan and apply this update on the entire system, we will know if there is any virus.

 Virus Definition As Update :

 This is the most important feature that whenever a new update comes, it is brought in the form of an update which defines the virus and tells the antivirus program which files can be viruses.

 When a new virus is created and runs on the Internet, a new virus is created for it and sent as an update to your antivirus.  Which is capable of recognizing the virus, otherwise if our antivirus program has an old definition and some new virus has entered the system, then it does not recognize it.

 Background Scanning :

 We always work in our system and while working, if any software starts doing its work and it causes difficulty in working in the army, then it is a loss for us.

 If an antivirus program runs in the background while working, then in a way the system is not only safe but we also do not face any problem in working.

Types of Antivirus :

  1. Kaspersky :
  2. AVG Ultimate
  3. Avast Internet Security
  4. PC Protect
  5. Bull Guard
  6. Total AV Ultimate Antivirus
  7. Norton
  8. eset

Benefits of Antivirus :

 If you are active in this internet world and use a computer or mobile, then you must be aware that today due to a little carelessness, viruses enter the computer through the internet.  So now to avoid them, it is very important to scan the system from time to time to find viruses.

 This is very beneficial for any system.  What are its benefits can be read here below:

  • Your data present in your system remains safe.
  • You can safely download any software on your computer or laptop and use it.
  • If you use a paid antivirus then the online transactions on your computer will remain safe.
  • The hard disk of the system will not get corrupted.
  • The speed of your computer system will not slow down.

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