All information about Utility Software?

What is Utility Software?

 Utility Software which is also known as Utility Programs.  These are in the form of very small software which helps in increasing the working capacity of the computer.  This means that it becomes easier for them to use the computer.  In a way, these are also called service programs.  Their special work is to maintain the computer.  Utility software is expert in analyzing any computer.  By optimizing better, we provide a best experience to the user.  There are different types of utility software and their working capabilities are also unique.  High quality utility software gives many times better experience than low quality ones.  They can perform many types of tasks.  Some types of utility software come with the operating system but some are created by third party developers.  These are made for the special purpose that the computer can do its work well.  Some examples of these are antivirus, backup, disk repair, file management, security, and networking programs etc.

What are the types of Utility Software?

 There are many types of Utility Software but the following information is given about some important types, let us know-

 1. File Management Programs-

 All the files in the computer are managed through file management programs.  Often, a lot of data is saved in the computer in different types, this data can be managed only through file management programs.

2. File Compression Programs-

 File size is reduced through file compression programs.  So that the user can save maximum storage space.  After which the user can add more data to the computer.  It also has an advantage here that when the actual size of the file is limited then the risk of virus also remains negligible.  Especially for data compression, these programs use special technology and different file extensions like .zip or .zipx, .rar.

3. Backup and Recovery Tools-

Friends, whatever data is there in the computer is saved in electronic form.  And sometimes due to our carelessness, this data can also be corrupted, but to take backup of the data, there are various types of utility software in the computer (Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox etc.) with the help of which you can back up the data even if it gets corrupted.  Can take backup.  This means that your data becomes available on the internet and you can take backup from there at any time.

 With the help of Recovery Tools, you can recover your deleted data.  Using this you can retrieve your important data anytime.  You all must have heard the name of Recycle Bin software.  It is very good in recovering data here.

4. Security Programs-

 Nowadays, there is a huge internet boom going on due to which the problem of hacking is increasing.  Every day someone or the other is becoming its victim.  Due to excessive use of internet on the computer, the user has to face all these situations like data theft and virus, but in today’s time everything is possible, so there are ways to keep the data secure like – Antivirus, Firewall.  etc. Along with keeping the computer safe from viruses, they provide many services.

 5. Disk Cleaners and Disk Management Programs-

 Due to continuous use of computer, many types of data keep getting generated in the computer.  This data is saved in memory.  Due to which the working capacity of the system is affected and the speed of the system also becomes slow.  Meaning, such data in the computer which is of no use affects the working capacity and speed of the computer.  The job of a disk cleaner program is to remove all the redundant data that has been created in the computer.

 The function of Disk Management is to manage the available data.  Disk management is very helpful in storing many types of dispersed data.  Some examples of these- Disk Defragmenter, Disk Partition Editor, Disk Space analyzer etc.

What are the benefits of Utility Software?

 Some benefits of utility software-

 • You can manage your system in a better way through utility software.

 • Your computer works very fast through utility software.

 • Utility software provides services to your device like security, disk management, backup etc.

 • You can clean unused data with the help of utility software.

 • Utility software also helps a lot in protecting your device from dangerous viruses.

 • Prevents the system from filling up unnecessary space by changing the size of large files on your device to smaller sizes.

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