What is Google Docs? Advantage and disadvantages of Google Docs:

What is Google Docs?

 Google Docs which is developed by Google.  Google Docs is mainly one such platform.  In which you can do word editing easily.  Well, Google Docs mainly compares to Microsoft Office.  The work that is done with the help of Microsoft Office.  The same work can be done using Google Docs.  Through Google Dogs, tasks like edit documents, share, group discussions, create, update, voice typing etc. can be done easily without any extra knowledge.  One special thing about Google Dogs is that it collects the entire data of the user.  There data remains secure in the cloud.  Meaning, the user does not need any separate computer storage, extra SSD or drive because the user already gets 15GB cloud storage in Google Docs.  You can use Google Docs on any internet device.  Be it Computer, Laptop, Android Mobile, IPhone, Tablet.  Only you must have a Google account or e-mail ID.

What are the features of Google Docs?

 There are many features of Google Docs but some of the main features are shown below.  About whom we know in detail-

 1. Google Docs which is a free online word editor.  Which the user can use anywhere, on any device.

 2. You can work online on Google Docs.  Besides, it is also possible to work offline.

 3. Users can do teamwork on Google Docs.  By inviting your friends, users can edit their work on Google Docs without any hassle.

 4. Google Docs is very simple to use.  Anyone can learn the tools of Google Docs with a little practice.

 5. Special thing: A facility like Google search is also available in Google Docs.  Through which the user can search on Google and get all the important things like images, photos, music etc. in a matter of seconds.

 6. Google Docs mainly supports multiple file formats.  For example- .docs, .word, .text, .pdf etc.

 7. The written work done by the user in Google Docs.  It gets auto saved there and becomes completely secure in the cloud server.

 8. Special inbuilt templates are available in Google Docs.  With whose help the user can create even difficult documents easily.

How to learn Google Docs?

 If a beginner wants to learn Google Docs, then first he will have to learn some basic things.  Nowadays, there are many platforms available to learn Google Docs.  With the help of which you can learn easily.  Let us know some information from the following medium-

 1. Through online course-

 Friends, if you want to become an expert in Google Docs, then my advice is that you can do online courses.  Online course is a very good platform.  For online courses, you can visit some websites like- Coursera, Udemy, SkillShare etc.

 2. By books-

 You can look for books related to Google Docs in the market.  Although in today’s time such things are very available, but bookish knowledge is also a very good option.  You can purchase the book from market or online also.

 3. Through Internet-

 In today’s era, if internet is available then everything is possible.  You can also get basic to basic information about Google Docs through internet.  Like you can learn easily by reading blogs, watching YouTube videos, with the help of Google Help Center, through websites etc.

What are the benefits of Google Docs?

 Some benefits of Google Docs are shown below-

 • Templates facility is available in Google Docs.

 • Google Docs is capable of supporting multi devices.

 • Google Docs is very simple to use.

 • Special add on facility is also available in it.

 • It is possible to use it offline also.

 What are the disadvantages of Google Docs?

 Some disadvantages of Google Docs are also shown below.  Let us know-

 • For more features on Google Docs, the user cannot completely depend on it.

 • Whatever work we do on Google Docs.  There is a special need for internet in that.  If the internet is not connected then we cannot open it immediately.  Then it needs to be downloaded and installed.

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