What is Canva? and How to use it –

What is Canva?

 Canva is an online graphic designing website or tool where you can easily create things like Instagram Post, FB Post, Thumbnail, many templates are already given to you in Canva, you have to create your design by editing these templates as per your choice.  Yes, Canva works like a professional graphic designer.

 You can use Canva in two ways, first as a website and second as an app, we do not get to see all types of features in the app, hence mostly only Canva’s website is used.

 In Canva we get three types of plans: Free, Pro and Enterprise, in the free plan we have to use templates, images and elements up to a limit, in the Pro plan we get almost all the templates, elements of Canva.  Things like team work etc. are available in Enterprise.

How to use Canva –

 After knowing the meaning of Canva in Hindi, to use Canva, first of all you have to go to www.canva.com where the home page of Canva opens in front of you.

 Below the what will you design text on the home page, you will have many templates like presentation, logo, poster, resume etc., out of which you have to choose as per your choice.

 After clicking on the design, you get the options of Templates, Elements, Upload, Text etc. on the left side of the page.

 Templates are those designs which are already created and given by Canva, in which you have to edit or insert the design as per your choice.

 Elements are those Box, Lines, Circle, Image’s, Graphic, Video etc. which work to insert the design in the template.

 You get many fonts and headings and subheadings in text, using which you can write anything as per your choice and design it in a better way.

 After the design is ready, you can download it in good quality in PNG, JPG, PDF, Video etc. from the download button on the right side corner.

 Every design created by you is saved in your Sign Up ID so that you can re-edit and download that design anytime.

Features of Canva –

 Learning graphic designing is a bit difficult and time consuming but with the help of Canva, we can do all the graphic designing work easily and in good quality.

Due to the large number of fonts in Canva, you can design your text in many languages and add Bold, Italic, Color etc.

Template is the best feature of Canva because here you already get all the designs in which after making some changes you can create all the things like posts and thumbnails as per your choice.

In Canva you get many Images, Elements all for free which you can easily use.

 You can use all the designs created in Canva anywhere because all the designs created by Canva are copyright free.

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