What is Google Duo? and how to download & register Google Duo :

What is Google Duo?

 Google Duo is a Video Chat Mobile App, we can use it for video calling.  Google released it on August 16, 2016.  It is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

 Its interface is a bit unique and nowadays everyone has 4G internet, so you will not face any problem in video calling.  It has a unique feature which is named Knock Knock.  You will not see this feature in any video calling apps other than Google Duo.

 Apart from video calling, you will not see much else because Google Duo App is designed only for video calling.  So now let us know how to download Google Duo App.

Download & Register Google Duo :

 Downloading Google Duo is as easy as downloading other apps.  Step by step is explained below.

 1. First of all you have to download Google Duo app

 2. After downloading, it will be installed automatically and then open it.

 3. I agree to the Terms and Conditions and proceed.

 4. Now you have to verify by entering your mobile number.  Enter your mobile number and click on Next button.

 5. Now a 6-digit code will come on your mobile number, it is possible that your mobile may automatically verify the code.  If this does not happen then verify it manually by entering the 6-digit code.  Now your Google Duo App is ready to run.

Google Duo App Features :

 You get many features in Google Duo, about which I have explained one by one below.  So let us know what features you get in Google Duo.

 video call : Google Duo App is specially designed for video calling purpose, hence video calling is its main feature.

 audio call : Along with video calling, you also get the feature of audio calling.  You can make audio call as per your need.

 Search Box : With this you can search any contact.  Its biggest feature is that you can call and invite even those numbers which are not saved in your mobile.

 Send Voice/Video Message : Sometimes the person on the other side is busy and is unable to pick up your call, in such a situation you can send audio/video messages.  Its maximum limit is up to 30sec.  Whenever the other person opens the Google Duo app, he can see your audio/video message.

 Block Number : You can block unwanted contact numbers in Google Duo.  This feature is seen in almost all apps.

 Limit Mobile Data Usage : You can save data by enabling Limit Mobile Data Usage.  This is also a great feature.

 Knock Knock : Knock Knock feature is the most powerful in Google Duo.  Its advantage is that whenever you call someone, the recipient will be able to watch your video before picking up the call.  This means that even if you do not pick up the call, the recipient can still see what you are doing and where you are.  Knock Knock is a very good feature for the person receiving the call.  If you want that the recipient cannot see you before picking up the call, then disable the Knock Knock feature.

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