What is Amazon Alexa? and What can Alexa do?

What is Amazon Alexa?

 Alexa is a digital voice assistant developed by Amazon.  It is capable of voice interaction, music playback, creating to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, providing information on weather, traffic, etc., sports and other real-time information.

 Amazon Alexa is a future based technology gadget that works on Artificial Intelligence.  With this you can control all the smart devices installed in the house like smart bulb, TV, AC etc.  If you have a smart door installed in your house, then you can close that door just by speaking.  Isn’t it quite funny?  Let us know more about it.

Who created Alexa?

 Alexa is created by Amazon Lab 126.  It has been used for the first time in Echo smart speakers.  As of November 2018, there were more than 10 thousand employees working on Alexa and other related products.  He worked hard to create a better device.  After this, in January 2019, its team announced that they have sold more than 100 million Alexa enabled devices.  From this you can understand how quickly this device became popular among the people.

What can Alexa do?

 You have learned what Amazon Alexa is.  But it is most important to know what it can do.  Because you will use this device only after knowing what it can do in your daily life.  So let us tell you one by one what Alexa can do?

 Can set alarm – You can set alarm in it to wake up every morning.  Now we will say what a big deal this is.  This happens in mobile also.  But Alexa is something different.  This morning wakes you up with a lovely song.  With this you will not get irritated in the morning.

You can control smart gadgets without touching them – Today LED bulbs, ACs, smart TVs, smart doors, smart fans have started coming.  These are Alexa enabled devices.  You can connect all these devices with it and control it without touching it.  Like you can dim the light of LED bulb, turn on or off the AC, turn on the fan by speaking, change the channel on TV.

You can listen to songs – If you get tired after working all day or sometimes feel bored, then in this you can listen to all types of songs, old and new, and that too by speaking.  Like – Alexa, play any Hindi song.

 You can talk to him – Sometimes we are alone and we don’t have anyone to talk to.  In such a situation, this Alexa can talk like your girlfriend.  You will be able to talk to her in the same way as you talk to a girl.

 Can help you in education – If you are a student or preparing for a job, then Alexa helps you like a tuition teacher.  Gives you general knowledge and other information on any topic.  All you have to do is speak and it will tell you the answer.  Isn’t it so funny?

 Can book online orders – Today we buy some goods from Amazon.  Along with this, whether you want to order food from Zomato or order pizza from Domino’s or book a train or flight, it will book it just by speaking to you.  In this way it can work like your personal secretary.

 Can wish you on your birthday – When you setup Alexa, you have to login with your Amazon account.  Your birthday is in your account.  Whenever it is your birthday, she will be the first to wish you at 12 o’clock and will also sing the birthday song.  Will make you feel special.

What is the price of Alexa?

 You learned in detail about Alexa and what it can do.  Now perhaps the thought of buying it might have come to your mind.  Well, anyone would want to buy it after seeing its amazing features.  But everyone has to take a decision according to its need and its price.  Let us know what is the price of Alexa?

 However, the price of different Alexa enabled devices is different.  But the name of that device which sells the most is All-new Echo Dot. It is small in size and is also available at a low price.  That’s why most people buy it only.  Its image and price are given below.  If you want, you can order it from Amazon.

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