What is C Language? features and disadvantage of C language :

What is C Language?

 C is a Procedural Programming Language which is used to create software.  This is a basic and simple programming language.  If you learn C language well then it will be very easy to learn other programming languages like C++, Java, Python etc.

 C Language was discovered by Dennis Ritchie in 1972.  Before writing coding in this programming language, Turbo C++ setup should be installed in your computer.  In this software, C and C++ programs can be easily written and executed. This software is a type of translator which converts Source Code into Object Code.

Features of C Language :

 Now we will know what are the important features of C Programming Language-

 All programs made in C Programming Language execute fast.

 Concepts of both the languages (High Level Language and Low Level Language) are present in C Language.

 This language is used to create both types of software (System Software and Application Software).

 C programs are very portable, this means that they can be run in any operating system.

 C is a Procedural Language, which means it contains a list of predefined instructions and coding is done on the basis of that procedure.

 C Language is written in Assembly Language.

Disadvantages of C Language –

 There are some shortcomings in C Programming Language which become hindrance in programming.

 No Run Time Type Checking- In C Programming language there is no checking of any variable types at run time.

 Does Not Support OOPS – It does not support the concept of OOPS (Object Oriented Programming).

 No Code Re-usability – It does not support the concept of inheritance, due to which there is no code re-usability.

 No Exception Handling – In this, exceptions cannot be handled during run time programming.

First “Hello Program” of C Language :

 “Hello Program” is the most basic program in C language.

 First of all download the setup of Turbo C/C++.

 Now install the setup normally in your computer.

 Now open Turbo C/C++ application and write “Hello Program” in it.

 Now run the program after compiling it.

 Now a black screen will open in front of you in which “Hello Program” will be written.

Basic Concepts of C Programming Language :

 Now let us know which basic concepts are used in C language.

 Basic Syntax – Basic syntax used in C language like Header, Body and Coding.  In this the program is executed from top to bottom.

 Variables – Variables work like a memory which is used to store a value in programming.

 Data Types – It shows the types of variables and functions.

 Operators – This is a symbol which tells Compile about the Mathematical Function and Logical Function.

 Loops – This is a type of programming statement which is used to execute a line repeatedly.

 Array – It is used to store multiple data types in a single array.

 Pointers – It is used to store the address of the variable.

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