What is Wikipedia ? and Why is Wikipedia popular?

What is Wikipedia  :

 Wikipedia is a free internet based encyclopedia. Let me tell you that Encyclopedia is a reference work which provides knowledge of all branches and also provides knowledge of a particular area.  In this way, only that which is filled with knowledge of the whole world is called Encyclopedia.

 If you look at the Wikipedia logo properly, it is an unfinished globe in which letters of different languages ​​are written in different pieces.  This can be understood from the logo of Wikipedia itself, i.e. an encyclopedia in which knowledge about almost everything is available in different languages, is known as Wikipedia on the Internet.

 In other words, understand that Wikipedia is made up of two words, Wiki and Encyclopedia, Wiki means Quick and Encyclopedia, then you have already known that the one which gives quick knowledge of the entire world is Wikipedia.

Wikipedia started on January 15, 2001 and was started by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, the name Wikipedia was kept by Larry Sanger.  Wikipedia comes under the Wikimedia Foundation, which is a charitable non-profit organization and runs on donations.

 The Wikimedia Foundation operates Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Free Knowledge Project.  This is an American foundation whose head office is in San Francisco, California.  Let us now know what is the contribution of Wikipedia in building up the Internet and what are the benefits we get from it.

Why is Wikipedia popular?

 We all have definitely used Wikipedia and it is a famous encyclopedia.  The reason for Wikipedia’s popularity is that perhaps you people think that there are many articles available in it which are user friendly, then to some extent you are right.

 But I believe that the reason for Wikipedia’s fame and popularity is that any person can use it easily, that is, it is very easy for the user to use it.  As easy as using any mail or search engine.

 One of the reasons why Wikipedia is so popular is that you can read any information in it and if wrong information is available, you can also edit it. Along with this, all the information on Wikipedia is very accurate in which there are no mistakes.  there is no scope for

 If you also have knowledge of any field or topic which is not yet available on Wikipedia, then you can convey it to the people through Wikipedia, so that it can prove useful to people all over the world.  So, due to some such reasons Wikipedia is so popular and famous.

Benefits from Wikipedia :

 Wikipedia is a huge repository of mixed information in which you will get every information accurate.

 Wikipedia is a huge encyclopedia in which articles are written in more than 300 languages.

 Wikipedia is very helpful especially for the children of schools and colleges because research based articles are always published here.

 If you feel that any information on Wikipedia is incomplete or incorrect, you can easily edit and update it.

 You can share your knowledge with the whole world through Wikipedia.

 Wikipedia is a very simple website which is very easy to use, you will hardly face any problem related to reading the articles in it.

 Many articles on Wikipedia also include images and 3D animations related to the articles to make it easier to understand a topic.

 All the articles on Wikipedia are checked by experts, that is why reliable information is available here.

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