What is a keyword?  How to find keywords for blog posts – complete information

What is keyword?

 Friends, if you are thinking of starting blogging or have been blogging for some time, then you must have heard about the word keyword, but if you are completely new, then you will have very little knowledge about this topic.

Friends, we all know that Google is the best source to get organic traffic on the blog. But we can bring traffic only when the SEO of our post is good.  Keyword is the first step of our SEO (search engine optimization).  Without keyword search, we cannot do SEO of our blog post, due to this we may stop getting traffic from Google.

Today we will know how to use keywords properly so that you can be successful in blogging.  Then let us know what a keyword is? And how to do keyword research for a blog post?

What is keyword?

 There are some such phrases or sentences.  Which people use to find answers to their questions on the Internet (google, bing, yahoo).  That phrase/sentence itself is called keyword in the language of blogging.  Let us understand this with a small example – Suppose I want to know about blogging, then I will search on Google, what is blogging?  Or what is blogging?

 In such a situation, I will be able to get the answer to my question from Google by using any sentence.  This is the user side.

 But this sentence is the keyword for a blogger.

what is keyword research?

 You have come to know what is the meaning of keyword but let us know why it is so important for blogging. As I already told you, to bring organic traffic to the blog, we have to do SEO of the post and to do SEO we need keywords.

 Yes keyword, you are wondering why it is so important?

 For example, if you are writing a post on a particular topic and do not use those phrases or sentences in that post, which are called target keywords in blogging, which people often search on Google.

 So Google’s bots/crawl will not be able to understand what your post is written about.

 Due to which your post will not rank in Google and the blog will not get traffic.

 Although Google always updates its bots and crawl so that they can think like us humans, but they still search for similar words and phrases in the posts.  Which people search in Google’s search box.

 Now you must have understood how important it is to have keywords or phrases in ranking a post.

 Whenever someone searches something on Google, Google’s crawlers search those phrases or keywords from different websites or blogs and give results.

 In such a situation, we should have good knowledge of keywords so that we can reach our blog post to the right audience.

 Then let us know what are the types of keywords and how we can rank our posts on different keywords.

How many types of keywords are there?

 Although there are only two types of keywords, but according to SEO, they are of three types –

 Short tail keywords

 Long Tail Keyword

 LSI Keyword

How to do keyword research :

 We learned what is keyword?  And along with how keywords should we target, we should also know how many types are there.

Now we know how to do keyword research for blog posts. There are some processes for keyword research which we have to follow –

 Step 1- Keyword ideas

 First of all, you have to find out that whatever topic you are going to write or are thinking of writing, what else people related to it search on Google, for this you will have to type your topic in the search box in Google, apart from this now  You can see that Google itself is giving suggestions.

Apart from this, you can also select a topic for yourself from YouTube, FB or Quora and make a list of long tail or LSI keywords which you can use in the post to rank the post.

 Step 2- Keyword search volume and competition

 For this you can take help of any free or paid tool.

 Although paid tools are a bit expensive which new bloggers cannot take, for this here I have told you about some free tools.

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