What is Internet? Definition of Internet –

What is Internet? 

 We all use the Internet in our daily life, and today the Internet and computers have become an important part of human life.  Internet is one of the biggest inventions of human civilization which has connected the entire world.  Internet is made up of two words Inter and Network.  In which Inter means – connected to each other and Network means – network.  The Internet is a network through which computers around the world are connected.  These computers are connected to each other wirelessly and exchange data.

 In general terms, the Internet is a global network through which computers and other electronic devices around the world are connected and transfer data easily.  Internet is the largest network in the world.  Devices on the Internet are connected to each other through copper wires, fiber optical cables, or wireless connections.  Internet is the most modern system of information technology.  If we talk in Hindi, Internet means Internet, comma, many people also call it Net in short.

Definition of Internet –

 The Internet is a wide area network (WAN) through which computers and electronic devices around the world connect with each other and exchange data.

Types of Internet :-

 The Internet is a common network that anyone can use.  But there are two types of internet, so let us know about the types of internet –



 What is Intranet?

 Internet is also a type of Internet Network.  But this network is private.  Most companies use the Internet to connect their computers securely.  It cannot be used without Username and Password.  Internet is also a type of network which cannot be used by any outsider.  Internet is used to transfer data securely.

 What is Extranet?

 Extranet is also a type of private network which is connected from one branch to another with the help of public internet.  To use the extranet, the user also needs a username and password.  The process of going from public Internet to Intranet is called Extranet.

Who discovered Internet?

 It was not possible for any one person to discover the Internet.  Thousands of scientists and engineers together established this huge network.  The Internet started in 1967 during the Cold War under the name ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network).  In which computers of four universities of America were connected together.

 If you want to know what the Internet was invented for, it is Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf who invented the framework that is still being used today.  They set the rules for the Internet and were named TCP (Transmission Control Protocol).  Later they added a protocol called IP (Internet Protocol).

When did Internet start in India :-

 The first use of Internet in India through telephone line was made by Overseas Communications Corporation Limited on 15 August 1995.  Initially, about 20-30 computers in the country could connect to the Internet.  At that time it was used only for exchanging essential information and only a few big institutions and colleges were connected to the Internet.  In the beginning its speed was also very low.  After this, as the Internet expanded in India, the speed of the Internet also increased a lot.

 In the 90s, Internet developed rapidly in India and it reached every corner of the country.  Today, people not only use the Internet for exchange of information, research and education, but through the Internet, people are earning lakhs and crores of rupees sitting at home.

Introduction to Internet services:-

 There are many services on the Internet, some of which we have mentioned below –

 File Transfer Protocol (FTP) – FTP is used to transfer files from one computer network to another.

 Archie – Archie is used to search files stored in FTP.

 Electronic mail (e-mail) – Information or messages are sent or received through email.

 World Wide Web (WWW) – Through www, users can access information related to their services or organization anywhere in the world.

 Usenet – Through Usenet, the user can collect the information necessary for him from different sources.

 Telnet – Can transfer its data through Telnet.  To use it, username and password are required.

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