What does AR mean? and How does AR work?

What does AR mean?

 You can also consider it like VR i.e. Virtual Reality.  But in some cases it is different from VR.  In AR, things are improved and presented before us using the camera.  As we told you that its full form is Augmented Reality and it works as per its name.  AR is a technology that presents us by adding some more things to the things present in front of us.  You will also get to see many such videos on the internet which give better experience about AR Technology.

Let us tell you that the full form of AR is Augmented Reality.

How does AR work?

 AR is a technology similar to VR in many respects, but despite this, it has some features that make both of them different.  Actually, VR works with the help of a device.  And to experience this you have to wear a VR Device.  After wearing this device, we can see the objects present in it.  VR is used to watch 3D videos and play 3D games.

 Whereas if we talk about AR, then in many cases it works differently from VR.  Actually AR works with the help of the camera present on your Smartphone.  AR uses the camera of your device (AR use Camera) and shows us artificial things by combining them with the things present in front of us.  With this, we get to see both real and artificial objects together and this gives us an even better experience.

 That is, when we wear an AR headset, the camera of our device also becomes active and we see artificial things along with the things around us.  These things are made with the help of computers and are merged with the environment and placed in front of us.  To understand this better, you can see these examples: Google Lense, Pokemon GO Game, AR Camera, Smart Glasses etc.

google lens :

 If you have ever used Google Lens, then you can understand this technique very well because Google Lens also works on this technology.  Actually, when we start Google Lens in front of something, it sees that object with our camera and scans it.

When the object placed in front is scanned, all the information about it is placed in front of us.  Google Lens is adept at scanning everything from documents to objects and many other things.  Not only this, text in any other language can also be translated through Lens.

AR Glasses or Smart Glasses:

 It also works on AR Technology and through this also the information about the things in front of us is given to us in the form of Graphics.  This is an advance technology which also improves the future.  Through this, we can get information about the things in front of us on our Glass.

 Some more special things about AR:

 Nowadays, according to the choice of youth, the trend of AR technology is increasing rapidly and its maximum use is seen in games.  Along with this, it is also being said about AR that this technology is going to develop further in the future.  Because its craze is not decreasing among the people.

 While VR presents only things made through graphics or videos made through computers, AR also presents the things around us with the help of the camera.

 AR Glasses are capable of giving you information about anything present in reality.  That means you can get information about things around you through AR Glasses.  Along with this, it is also explained to you through graphics which gives us better information about something.

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