What is QR code ? and How does QR code work?

What is QR code ?

Through Paytm mobile app, you pay for your goods in a shop by scanning the barcode kept there through mobile, this barcode is called QR CODE, which is a kind of matrix barcode square grid, in the background of which there is white and code.  The color is black, QR code is nowadays used in product identification and document management.

How does QR code work?

 How QR Code works, you can understand it with an easy example, suppose you have a ration shop, and you want that people can make payment using paytm, google pay, mobile pay and you can use it.  If you do not even have to tell the account number, then you will have to convert your account number and bank details into barcode. Barcode is a kind of QR code, in which your bank details remain safe in encoded form, this detail can be either numeric or alphanumeric.  It is possible that as soon as the QR code of your bank details is generated, any person will scan your bar code with his mobile, then the money will reach your account without telling your account number.

 How to create your own QR code :

 There are many uses of QR Code, some use QR code for transaction purpose and some for document management, nowadays there are many websites to generate QR code, by using the steps given below you can generate QR code from QR generator website.  You can create a new QR code:-

 GO To QR Generator website

 To generate the QR code, first of all you have to go to the QR Generator website web address. On reaching here, you can generate the QR code for yourself by selecting the steps as per your requirement.

What are the amazing benefits of QR Code?

 You can understand the amazing benefits of QR code with an example, if you are short of time, and you are going to a medicine shop to buy medicine, and in a hurry you have left your purse at home, then  What would you do ?  You only have your mobile, then you can easily pay for the medicine by scanning the QR code of the shopkeeper through your mobile.

1. High-speed money transfer and secure transaction :

 While using QR code, you do not have to tell your account number to anyone, the code is scanned, your money will be transferred to the account of the shopkeeper in front, due to which your transaction will be completed in a secure manner in your time.

2. Easy to use and easy to handle :

To make payment using QR code, you just have to scan the QR code of the person and the payment will be done as soon as you enter your UPI ID. This easy method is making QR code so popular, in America 40 to 50 %  Payments are done through QR code only, its practice is increasing very fast in India too, QR code is also easy to handle, you can save its image in your mobile and use it whenever you want.

 What is the difference between QR CODE and BARCODE?

 Barcode which you already know about because it was developed in the year 1992 whereas QR code was developed not so long ago in 1994. The biggest difference between these two is that barcode is used to store the number in a computerized format.  It has to be stored in a format which the computer can easily read whereas qr-code is used to secure the data and convert it into such a format that the computer can easily read and retrieve it.

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