Know about the categories of satellite in detail  and why is satellite needed .

What is the meaning of satellite  :

 These are of two types, one natural and the other man-made.

 Natural such as the Moon which is a satellite of the Earth, and the other is man-made or artificial satellite which is created by us humans;  Which we place in the Earth’s orbit, through which we get a lot of information.

 You must be aware that if we talk about our Indian space agency ISRO, it is achieving new successes every year and it is a matter of great pride for us Indians.  Indian space agency ISRO has so far sent about one hundred satellites into space.

Why is satellite needed?

 Friends, this question must be running in your mind that why is satellite needed, then I want to tell you that with the help of satellite you can do anything and anywhere.  Because it is very high, due to which it can send its signal to the whole world, no matter where you are, that is why it is needed the most and is very important for us too.

 Suppose you have a SIM card and your network comes to it through the tower, but if you go somewhere, then there is no network in your phone because it does not have enough capacity to get the network in your phone.  That is why people are now converting to satellite.

 If seen in today’s time, life without satellite does not become so superfast for humans because let me give you an example, in today’s time people of other countries are using satellite network in their phones and its internet speed is 15MB.  P.S. We can assume that you cannot get such fast internet speed on your phone at all because the satellite is very powerful.  And it is needed for every people.

Satellites are divided into how many categories?

 Now let us talk about how many parts the satellite has been divided into, that is, the satellite is mainly divided into three categories which are as follows:-

  • Low Earth Orbit Satellite
  • Medium Earth Orbit Satellite
  • High Earth Orbit Satellite

Now first of all let us know these three categories of satellites in detail:-

1 Low Earth Orbit Satellite:-

This satellite is true to its name i.e. it is very close to the Earth.  Whose height ranges from approximately 160 to 1600 kilometers and they revolve around the Earth very fast.  That is why they easily complete the revolution around the Earth several times a day.  That is why it takes very less time to scan the earth, hence today…

2.Medium Earth Orbit Satellite:

‘Medium Earth Orbit’ satellites are those which remain at an altitude of more than 20 thousand kilometers in the sky. They are mostly used in navigation. Also, because they rotate at a slower speed than Low Earth Orbit satellites, they take 12 hours to complete one revolution around the Earth.

3.High Earth Orbit Satellite:

Such satellites are located at the farthest distance from the Earth’s orbit. Their altitude ranges between 35 to 36 thousand kilometers. If we talk about their rotation speed, then these satellites rotate along with the Earth. It is a challenge for any space station to safely place these satellites in their orbit.

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