Uses and benefits of Gmail, know everything –

 Today we will learn about Gmail in detail and will also know all its benefits very well and everything .

 There was a time when people used letters to convey their message to others, but now that time has passed. At that time, people used to write letters, which took a month or more to reach others.  That method, which took a lot of time, was good for that time.

But in today’s fast-paced life, the work of letters is being done by Google Product – Gmail and the medium to use Gmail is the Internet. Many messages can be sent from Gmail within minutes.

Gmail Benefits and Uses :

That is, in today’s time we also call Gmail a medium of communication. Sending messages from one place to another is called a medium of communication, which is now easily done through Gmail.

 So let us know in detail what is Gmail, what are the benefits of Gmail, how to use it.

History of Gmail :

 Yahoo Mail was popular on the Internet before Google’s Gmail service arrived.  But due to its excellent features and service, Google Gmail has become number 1.

 Initially only Google employees could take advantage of this service.  The Gmail service was launched on April 1, 2004.  At this time, an invitation had to be given to use Gmail.

 In the year 2007, it was launched to the general public without invitation.  In the year 2006, Google launched the Gmail Service app.

What is Gmail?

 Gmail is an email service that is operated through the Internet and it is a free service.  You do not need to pay money to use it. For this you only need internet, if you have internet then you can use Gmail service very well and easily.

 Actually, if we want to send a message then we can also send it on Facebook or Whatsapp but if you are in any business and are related to transaction work. So using Gmail is a better option for this because through it you can also send and save your important files, documents, presentations etc.

 Google started Gmail on April 1, 2004, at that time many email companies were competing with each other. Initially the storage capacity of Google was 1 GB, but currently you can save up to 15 GB of data in it.  Android app is available for phones.

How to email?

 To send an email on Gmail, first you have to click on the Compose option, now a window will open here.  In which you write the email address of the person to whom you want to send the mail and the shortcut of Matter in the subject and type the message in Text. Here you can also send files and photos.  When the message is typed, click on the send option and only then your mail will reach the other person.

Benefits of Gmail Account ID :

 There are many benefits of having a Gmail ID, today I am going to tell you some such benefits:-

 (1) If you have a Gmail account then this is the biggest advantage.  You can enjoy the email facility, you can send mail from your phone anytime from anywhere.

 (2) If you use YouTube and you also study from there, then you must also be subscribing to the channels of YouTube to which you have subscribed.  You will get a notification from them on your Gmail account, so you will know which video has been uploaded.

 (3) You can download any app from there by logging into Google Play Store with your email ID.  Be it related to studies or any other information, you can download any kind of app from here.

 Gmail account features :

 1. Compose :- With the help of this option email messages are sent.  In this dialog box, the email ID of the recipient has to be filled in the “To” option.

 Apart from this, there is also a subject option in Compose.  There is also Attachment Option to attach any type of file or photo.  By clicking on Send button the message is sent.

 2. Inbox :- It contains received emails.  Whoever sent you the message appears in your inbox.

 3. Sent :- Email messages that have been sent come in this option.  You can check all the emails you have sent in the Sent box.

 4. Draft :- After composing the email, it is saved in the Draft option instead of being sent.

 5. Spam :- Unwanted emails are saved in this box.  Google Gmail also filters fraud or phishing mails.

 6. Trash :- Deleted mails are saved in Trash and can be restored.


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