What is satellite? And how does it works .

What is satellite?

 To understand it easily, a small object which is revolving in space around a much bigger object is called a satellite. Accordingly, the moon revolving around our earth is also a satellite, but  This is a natural satellite which does not run as per the instructions of humans, but taking inspiration from this, humans have created their own satellites and left them in the earth’s orbit, which are playing a big role for us humans.  Let us tell you that man-made satellites can range from the size of a small TV to the size of a big truck, here their size depends on their work.

 There are solar panels on both sides of the satellite from which they get energy i.e. electricity, while in between there are transmitters and receivers which work to receive or send signals. Apart from this, there are also some control motors with the help of which we can control the satellite remotely.  You can control them, whether you want to change their position or chase the angle, all this can be done through the control motor.  Apart from this, you can see the objects for which the satellite is made, like if the satellite is made to take images of the earth, then big cameras are also installed in the satellite or if it is made for scanning.  Scanners will be visible in it, it all depends on the functioning of the satellite.  Mainly we use satellite for communication because radio and ground web cannot be used for complete communication on earth, hence mostly satellites are used for communication.

What does satellite mean?

 Natural such as the Moon which is a satellite of the Earth, and the other is man-made or artificial satellite which is created by us humans;  Which we place in the Earth’s orbit, through which we get a lot of information.

 You must be aware that if we talk about our Indian space agency ISRO, it is achieving new successes every year and it is a matter of great pride for us Indians.  Indian space agency ISRO has so far sent about one hundred satellites into space.

How does satellite work?

 As you must have understood by reading the article till now that the satellite works in a prescribed manner i.e. solar panels are installed on both its sides.  Due to which they keep getting energy i.e. electricity.  There are transmitters and receivers installed in between, which receive and send the receiver and transmitter signals.

 Apart from this, some control motors are also installed in it which helps in changing the position and angle of the satellite and through which we are able to know its position and angle.

 Sometimes a question may arise in your mind that satellites are so heavy, so how do they move through air and soil and how do they work while staying there? So let us tell you that if an object has to stay in space, then it must  Will have to keep revolving around an object larger than itself.

 Their speed will not allow the Earth’s gravitational force to overpower them.  For this reason, satellites are easily able to stay in the air and perform their work properly.

Conclusion :

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