What is virtual memory? How does it works :

What is virtual memory?

 To do the work of multiprocessing in a computer, it is very important to have RAM in it. Multiprocessing means opening many programs or applications simultaneously which can be used at the same time. Programs like Web browser, Microsoft Word, Photoshop, Excel etc. are included in this.  Is.

 Every time we open different applications in our system, the RAM space gets filled to run these applications.  And sometimes such a situation arises that the space left in RAM gets completely filled by running these applications.  After that no application or software can run in the computer.

 In such a situation the computer uses virtual memory.  Virtual memory takes up the space of the computer’s hard disk and is used for alternative tasks to the RAM in the computer.  That is, virtual memory provides a separate RAM to the computer which is completely different from physical RAM and is different because physical RAM is in the form of a chip in the computer system which is hardware and virtual memory is a software.

 If there is less spare RAM in the system, then that deficiency can be filled by using virtual memory in the computer.  The size of RAM is limited in every computer system.  When more than one application or file is opened in the computer, the RAM space gets filled due to which the speed of the system slows down.  At that time virtual memory sends the data of RAM to the space of hard disk.  Due to which the RAM starts getting freed and then the computer is able to perform its tasks in a better way.

How does virtual memory works :

 Whenever the RAM space in the computer starts getting full!  So the computer’s operating system checks those applications and files!  Which we keep open in our system!  And whatever file or application remains minimized in the system, the computer transfers all of them into virtual memory with the help of trading files in RAM.

 When data is transferred from physical memory to virtual memory.  Then the OS divides the program of that application into page files and also adds a fixed number address with each page file.  Then, to transfer the data, the computer looks at areas of RAM that have not been used recently and copies them into the virtual memory of the hard disk.

 Every page file gets stored in the hard disk.  This starts freeing up our RAM space!  And as the user is currently working on the application, it runs very smoothly and new applications can also be loaded easily.

 When we open the application!  Which we have minimized!  At that time, the OS copies the address of the file which was transferred to the virtual memory of the hard disk and sends it back to the RAM.  With which we are able to work on that program or application easily.  The OS does not load the file from the hard disk into RAM until then!  Until they are needed.

Benefits of Virtual Memory :

This virtual memory was created at that time!  When RAM used to be very expensive and due to the limited amount of computer RAM, the computer’s memory used to get full!  Especially when we used to run multiple programs at the same time.

 With virtual memory we can almost double the RAM of our computer!  Due to which the speed of the system increases!  And its biggest advantage is that programmers can write huge programs to create applications.  Because virtual memory is much larger than physical memory.

 Now you will be able to easily run even larger sized programs on your computer. Because of this, virtual memory is best for those people who do not want to upgrade their computer system, that is, they do not want to buy larger sized RAM.  But if you want to work fast on computer, then this is very good.

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