what is search engine?

what is search engine?

 Friends, search engine is a service in which Internet users can search information about any topic with the help of World Wide Web (WWW).

 Google sees the words we type as keywords, and based on those keywords, the search engine shows us a complete list of information, and this information is available on many websites, photos, videos and different online data.  It is in the form of.  This information shown by the search engine is called (SERP) Search Engine Result.

Types of search engines :

 These are the main search engines used in India.

 Google:- (It is an American company)

 Yahoo:- (It is an American company)

 Live.Com:- (It is a product of American company Microsoft)

 Ask.Com:- (This is also an American company)

 Baidu.Com:- (This is a Chinese company)

 Yendex:- (This is a Russia based company)

 Among all these, Google is the most famous search engine, it is used extensively all over the world.

How search engines work ?

 Every type of search engine has its own different mathematics and formula as to how it should show the search results, you can say that there are 3 main ways of working of search engines.  Crawling, Indexing and Search Engine Ranking Algorithm, so let’s learn how these three methods work.

 Crawling(web crawling) :

 Search engines have their own software, and in Google’s language it is called Crawling.  Through crawling, millions of web pages on the Internet are found, scanned, and information is collected from all of them.

 This crawling continues on all the web pages present on the Internet, and information about the links related to them is collected.  After this, the information about all those links and web pages is given to Google Servers, and later the websites are indexed on the basis of this data.

Indexing(web indexing)

 Like in Crawling, data is collected, and that data is sent to Google Servers.

 After this, all that data is analyzed properly, and during the process the software checks every page thoroughly.  If any deficiency is found, or any duplicate is found which is violating the rules, then it is spammed.

 The rest of the data is kept in different categories, like we keep any of our essential data safely on our laptop or computer, and use it when needed.  In the same way, Google also maintains its data through indexing, and shows it to us when we search.

Ranking Algorithm(Ranking Algorithm)

 The third and final step is search engine ranking, that is, when someone searches something, which pages are shown in which category, this is done only through search engine ranking.  The ranking of any web page is done by this algorithm. The pages which contain good and accurate information are shown by the search engine in a systematic manner.

 If put in simple language, it has its own way of working, through which it analyzes what information the user wants, and in return he is shown the right information as per his need.  Whatever information is shown is related to indexing, that is, scanning the information collected in indexing and displaying the results.

 As far as search engine ranking algorithm is concerned, you can say that the rules and formula of each search engine are different, due to which a search engine shows web pages.  These rules and formula’s of search engine are quite complex, which are determined only for some time, and are changed again so that their complexity remains intact and no one can understand it easily.

 The world’s first search engine :

 The world’s first search engine was Archie which was created in 1990, after which many search engines came.

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