What is Cryptography?

What is Cryptography?

 In Cryptography, a Plain Text i.e. digital data is converted into a code, i.e. the data is encrypted.

 These are very complex codes which are called Cipher Text, and this encrypted data can be decrypted only by the person who has its decryption key.

What is the use of Cryptography?

 Now the question arises why Cryptography is used.  Let us understand this with an example.

 Suppose, if you have to send any important information related to your bank to someone through a message on the Internet, then your message can be hacked and misused by hackers and other threats active on the Internet.

 But if the message is sent here using Cryptography, then security can be provided to the message, so that even if the message is hacked, no one can read or understand it.

 So in the same way, any kind of information we share on the Internet, whether it is a message, bank or credit card information or important company data, is required to provide security to the transaction of any such information on the Internet.  Cryptography is used so that the data can reach the receiver in a secure form.

Types of Cryptography :

 There are two types of cryptography: Symmetric Key Cryptography, Asymmetric Key Cryptography, it is also called (Public Key Cryptography), that is, these are two types of security shields to provide security to the information being sent through the Internet.  So let us understand both.

 Symmetric Cryptography:- This is called the first type of cryptography.  In this, first the data is encrypted, for which algorithms like Triple DES, AES etc. are used.  After this, the data is sent to the designated person, in which both the sender and the receiver have the same key to encrypt or decrypt the data and the person receiving the data uses the key and decrypts the data to see and read it.  Could.

 Asymmetric Cryptography:- In Asymmetric Cryptography, almost the entire process is the same as before, but in this, one key is not used to encrypt and decrypt the data, rather two keys are used in it, Public Key and Private Key.

 That is, every user has two keys available, so the sender uses the receiver’s public key to encrypt the data, so that after receiving the data, the receiver can open and read the data with its private key.  The RSA algorithm is used in it, it is considered to be a very complex and secure algorithm.

Definition of words related to Cryptography :

 Plain Text :- A simple written information like a message which we can read.

 Encrypt:- The words written in it are converted into code, so that they cannot be read or understood.

 Decrypt:- In this the information converted into code by encryption is made normal again, which can be read and understood.

 Cipher Text:- When a plain text is encrypted and converted into codes, those codes are called Cipher Text.

 Key :- Important information by which encrypted data can be opened and viewed, you can also call it a key in a way.

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