what is Netflix ? and benefits of Netflix :

what is Netflix :

 Just as Amazon Prime Video, Alt Balaji, Zee 5 etc. are live streaming (OTT) platforms, similarly Netflix also provides a type of online streaming service to the people.  In the last few years, Netflix has presented its services in India as accessible and better services to the Indian audience.  You can enjoy unlimited ad free entertainment online on Netflix.  You will get a variety of options on the live streaming platform of Netflix such as:- to watch latest movies, documentaries, TV shows, serials and science fiction web series, auction web series, comedy web series, 18 plus web series, horror web series etc.  .  Here, every month something new is made available to the viewers by Netflix, that is why the viewers of Netflix always get some new and non-boring content.  This is one of the biggest reasons which is boosting the fame of Netflix in India.

How did Netflix get its name?

 If the question is arising in your mind, why was Netflix named this way, then let us tell you the story behind it.  Netflix is made up of a combination of two words, the first word i.e. Net which means internet and the second word is Flix, which means movie or film.  Netflix is named from the combination of these two words.  Which shows that it provides online movie and etc. streaming programs to its customers through the internet.

Benefits of Netflix –

 Let us now know about some benefits of Netflix, which are as follows.

Using this platform, you can easily watch any entertainment program as per your wish, whenever and according to your time.

Through the Netflix program, you can enjoy its trial pack for free for 30 days and if you like its subscription, you can also take it in paid form.

 Inside Netflix we get different subscription plans such as:- Basic, Mobile Standard and Premium plan etc.  You can easily upgrade or downgrade any plan as per your choice.

You can also easily adjust the video quality inside Netflix, you can easily watch videos with HD and Ultra HD resolution inside it.

 If you want to subscribe to Netflix plan in mobile phone, it is very cheap.

Netflix also provides its users with the option to play videos on three or four screens simultaneously, for this its users will have to buy a standard or premium plan.

 The most special thing about Netflix is that you can watch any program ad free and you will not have to get bored in between.

 Netflix is such a live streaming platform where its users get the facility to watch the latest movies and they do not have to face the hassle of going somewhere else or downloading the movie here and there.

How much is Netflix subscription?

 You get the mobile plan of Netflix for Rs 149, the basic plan for Rs 199 and the standard plan for Rs 499. The premium plan is available for Rs 649.  You get this plan on a monthly basis.  Netflix’s mobile plan is available only for mobiles and tablets.  In this you get the quality of 480p.  Whereas all the other plans are available for phone, tablet, computer and TV.  In the basic plan you get picture quality of 720, in the standard plan you get the picture quality of 1080 and in the premium plan you get HD picture quality.

 How to subscribe to Netflix :

 To subscribe to Netflix, you have to go to the link and then click on the Next button.  After this, you can see the information about all its plans.  Click on the plan you want to take and come down and click on the Next button once again.  If you have not logged in to your Netflix account then login.  After this, the option to make payment for purchasing the plan appears on the screen, then you have to make the payment using the respective payment method.  In this way you can take subscription of Netflix.

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