What is a mobile network booster and how does it work?

 If you are troubled by the mobile network of your home or office, due to weak signals you cannot talk properly on your mobile, the sound gets stuck while talking, or the phone call gets disconnected, then this is the solution to your problem.  This can be done through mobile network booster.

 In this post we will read about mobile network booster, what is mobile network booster, how it works, how the installation of mobile network booster is done, and what is the cost of installing it, etc., so let’s go to mobile network.  Let us know about the booster in detail.

 Network booster devices are available in both 3G and 4G network bands, and a single device usually works for all cellular service providers like Jio, Vodafone and Airtel.

What is mobile network booster?

 A mobile network booster, also called a signal booster, is an electronic device by which weak mobile signals can be enhanced or corrected.

 If your phone does not work properly due to weak signal at home or office, you cannot talk on the phone, the phone call gets disconnected, or your phone becomes inaccessible to others, then get rid of this problem.  To get this you should use a mobile signal booster.

 You must have seen that in a mall, basement parking, bank, or any big government building, one or more electronic devices are hung on the ceiling to maintain mobile signals, actually they are mobile signal boosters, which are installed in such places.  Where there may be a problem with the mobile network.

What are the components of mobile network booster?

 It has the following components.

 ( Outdoor antenna, amplifier (booster), indoor antenna and coaxial cable)

 How does mobile network booster work?

 Outdoor Antenna:- It is an external antenna, which is installed at a high place outside the house or office, its job is to catch the signal from the mobile tower, and transmit those signals to the amplifier.

 Amplifier:- Its job is to amplify the signal received from the outdoor antenna and send it to the internal antenna.  The amplifier is installed at a place in the house where it can be connected to a power plug.

 Indoor Antenna:- The work of the indoor antenna is to broadcast the mobile signal received from the amplifier, that is, as per its capacity, it broadcasts the signal all around the place where it is installed, due to which your mobile phone automatically gets connected, and you  Able to talk properly.

Coaxial Cable:- Actually, connectivity from outdoor antenna to amplifier and from amplifier to indoor antenna is done through coaxial cable.

How much does it cost to install a mobile signal booster?

 Generally, the cost of installing a mobile network booster is Rs 7000 to Rs 8000.  Whereas if you go with any brand, then the same cost increases by Rs 15000 to Rs 18000, but generally people install low cost mobile network boosters.

 If you have also decided to install a mobile network booster, then you can install a low cost mobile booster, this will improve the problem facing your network.

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