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Jenna Marbles :

Jenna Marbles (real name Jenna Mourey) is a popular YouTuber known for her comedic and lifestyle content. As of now, Jenna Marbles is currently not active on her YouTube channel. In June 2020, she made the decision to step away from her channel after facing criticism for past problematic videos. She released an apology video addressing these concerns and announced her hiatus.

While she may not be uploading new content, Jenna Marbles still has over 20 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Prior to her hiatus, she gained a massive following for her funny videos, vlogs, and challenges. Her YouTube career started in 2010, and she quickly rose to fame with her relatable and humorous content.

The Jenna Julien Podcast .

Aside from her YouTube career, Jenna Marbles also had a podcast called “The Jenna Julien Podcast” with her long-term boyfriend Julien Solomita. However, as of September 2020, it appears that the podcast has also been put on hold.

Some personal information :

Real NameJenna Mourey
Nick NameJenna  Marbles
Date of BirthSeptember 15, 1986
Age AS 202336 years
Birth Place / NationallyRochester ,New York ,US

Why did Jenna  leave the internet?

Jenna Marbles made the decision to leave the internet and step away from her YouTube channel following criticism and backlash she received for past videos. In June 2020, she released a video titled “A Message” where she addressed the problematic nature of some of her old content. In the video, she expressed remorse for her past actions and acknowledged the harm that her content had caused to others.

Jenna Marbles decided to take a hiatus from her channel to reflect on her past behavior and to educate herself about the impact of her actions. She made it clear that she did not want to continue creating content that could potentially hurt or offend others. She expressed her desire to become a better person and stated that she would be taking time off to work on herself.

It’s important to note that Jenna Marbles’ decision to leave the internet was a personal choice, and it was made in response to the criticism she received. She mentioned in her video that she did not want to contribute to any further negativity and wanted to prioritize self-reflection and growth.

YouTube  information :

ChannelJenna Marbles
GenresComedy – vlog
Subscribers19.8 million
Total Views1.77 billion
Year active2010-2020

She made a decision to leave the you Tube .

In light of the public’s feedback and criticism, Jenna Marbles made the decision to address her controversial past and take accountability for her actions. In her video “A Message,” she apologized for her previous content and acknowledged that it was offensive and hurtful.

Jenna Marbles expressed deep regret for her past mistakes and stated that she does not want to continue engaging in behavior that may hurt or offend others. She displayed a genuine desire to learn, grow, and become a better person.

She deleted some video from her channel .

Following the release of “A Message,” Jenna Marbles deleted several videos from her channel that contained problematic content. She also announced that she would be taking an indefinite break from YouTube, emphasizing the importance of reflection and education during her time away.

It is worth noting that Jenna Marbles’ departure from the internet did not come as a result of any legal or career-ending consequences. Instead, she made a personal decision to step back to focus on self-improvement and avoid contributing to any further harm.

Jenna Marbles’ departure sparked both support and debate among her fans and the wider online community. Some commended her for taking accountability, while others criticized her for leaving instead of staying and using her platform to educate others.

She has not made any public announcement for her future plan .

Since her hiatus, Jenna Marbles has not made any public announcements regarding her return to YouTube or her future plans. However, her decision to step away from the internet and address her past actions serves as an example of the growing awareness and accountability many content creators are facing regarding their past behavior.

It’s worth noting that while Jenna Marbles is currently not active on her YouTube channel, her videos and previous content are still available for viewing. It remains to be seen if she will return to creating content in the future.

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