What is Internet of Things –

What is Internet of Things –

 The full name of IOT is Internet of Things, many people might be thinking different things about Internet of Things, let us tell you that “All kinds of physical things in our daily life which are useful include software, electronic,  “By inserting things like sensors and connecting them to the internet so that they can collect and receive data without us typing, this process is called Internet of Things (IoT).”

 If we understand it in simple language, then such devices which we can connect to the Internet and access its data with the help of Internet, these devices are called Internet of Things, like when we connect a car with the help of Internet.  Then we can track the Fuel Meter, Speed, Location in that car, this whole process is called Internet of Things.

Concept of Internet of Things :

 Internet of Things is a system that has the ability to complete any task by communicating with computing devices, mechanical machines and digital machines with the help of network. Any device can connect with other devices through the Internet.  Connecting together is the concept of Internet of Things.

 It is a very big network that connects multiple devices, currently available devices like Laptop, Smartwatch, Remote, LED, Microwave, all of them are connected with the internet and the owner, due to which these devices are connected to the owner.  Has the ability to complete any task, like a microwave cooks your food automatically and easily.

How does the Internet of Things (IOT) work?

 There are four main components to install IoT in any device –

  1. devices/sensors
  2. Connectivity
  3. data processing
  4. User interface


 These are a type of device, which can measure physical input from the environment and convert it into data, which the computer can easily read, for example – sensing Sound, Temperature, Light, Level, Motion etc.  These sensors are often integrated with microprocessors, so that they can collect data and send it anywhere through the Internet.

 2. Connectivity

 Many types of communication protocols and technologies are used in IoT, the right and better connectivity is selected according to the device range, power uses, cost, data, weight etc.

 For example Bluetooth, WIFI, Mobile etc.  All these sensors send data to a cloud infrastructure with the help of internet.

 3. Data Processing

 In the processing stage, the computer converts the raw data of the sensor into information so that we can understand that this transformation is done through various Data Manipulation techniques. One of the tasks in this can be to collect data from different devices.  Such as AC, all the lights in the house and all types of electronic equipment.

 This data processing can also be a little difficult like reading the tax number plate from the video feed, in this stage we can also do data classification and analyze the data, so that we can find some parts from it for our examination.  .

 4. User Interface

 We can see the information that a computer processes in different forms, such as any application that can send alerts or send us notifications through email, text message.  Through an application, we can also send instructions back like resetting the temperature, watering them according to the moisture of the soil, etc.

 Examples of Internet of Things

  • Bio sensors/Wearable devices
  • Soil & Water management
  • Smart Identity card

 Benefits of Internet of Things –

 Internet of Things has benefited our lives in many ways, and let us tell you that there are many benefits of Internet of Things which are given below.

 Due to Internet of Things, we spend less efforts in work and also save time.

 In the coming time, all types of work will be automated, due to which we can do many types of work sitting at one place.

 Because of the Internet of Things, technology is becoming more advanced, such as driverless cars.

Disadvantages of Internet of Things –

 Just as mobile towers have advantages and disadvantages, similarly Internet of Things has advantages but also some disadvantages which are given below.

 Keeping confidential data safe in the Internet of Things is a big problem.

 When we use Internet of Things in big industries, there is a high possibility of network attack through the Internet because in this all your secret data is sent on the Internet.

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