What is a computer cabinet?

Computer Cabinet :-

It is in the shape of a box, it contains some delicate and important parts of the computer which remain locked inside it. This box is made of materials like iron, plastic and fiber and this box is called Computer Case or Computer Cabinet. Due to incomplete knowledge of Computer Cabinet, many people also call Computer Cabinet as CPU, but this is not correct. CPU is a central processing unit which is installed on the motherboard, which we also call processor.

There are some connecting ports and buttons in the cabinet. These ports and buttons are for connecting other peripherals to the computer, like keyboard, mouse etc. All the important parts of the computer are inside the computer cabinet.

Names of devices present inside the computer cabinet :

  1. Motherboard
  2. Processor CPU
  3. RAM
  4. SMPS power supply unit
  5. Hard Disk Drive
  6. SSD
  7. Graphic Card Monitor


cabinet interior :

PART OF MOTHER BOARD – The biggest part in the cabinet is the motherboard, in which we fix the motherboard in the cabinet with the help of screws.

PART OF POWER SUPPLY – Power supply is installed to provide power to the computer CPU. The power supply part is at the top of the cabinet and it is installed in the cabinet with the help of screws.

POWER SWICH – This is an important part of the cabinet because the power switch is installed in it, by pressing which we turn on the CPU.

USB Port – The cabinet has its own USB ports which we connect to the motherboard with the help of a cable, these are also called front panel USB ports.

Parts of hard disk – There are more parts of hard disk in the computer cabinet, which are about three to four. These are given more in the cabinet so that three or four hard disks can be connected simultaneously in the computer.

COOLING FAN – A cooling fan is installed in the computer cabinet to release the hot air inside the cabinet so that the computer can function properly.

PCI CARD SLOT – Computer cabinets have slots for installing PCI cards, which are located at the bottom of the cabinet.

DVD WRITER – The cabinet also has space for a DVD writer which is located at the top on the FACE side of the computer cabinet.

What is the difference between CPU and cabinet?

Most of us think that CPU and cabinet are the same, whereas in reality both are different. Let us know about some differences between the two –

(1) CPU is a component of the computer, while the cabinet is a device of the computer.

(2) The CPU performs the actual functions of the computer, while the cabinet supplies power to the entire system.

(3) CPU is also called processor, while the cabinet is called case.

How many parts does a CPU cabinet have?

Although friends, there is no special part of CPU cabinet, but every CPU cabinet can be divided into two parts –

1) Interior part :

That part of the CPU cabinet under which slots for all the components of the computer (such as processor, RAM, ROM, hard disk, sound card, graphic card, etc.) are installed is called the interior part. The motherboard accesses and controls the internal parts of the CPU cabinet.

2) External part

That part of the CPU cabinet under which the ports of all the devices of the computer (like monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, speaker etc.) are installed is called the exterior part. The user accesses and controls the external part of the CPU cabinet.

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