Shou Zi Chew- Bio, Birthday, Age, wiki & More

Shou Zi Chew is a Singaporean businessman and entrepreneur who has served as chief executive officer (CEO) of TikTok since 2021. His TikTok account, which has more than 18,700 followers.

Shou zi chew’s Wiki and his family :

Chew was born on 1 January 1983. So as of 2023 he is 40 years old. He was born in Singapore. His father used to work in construction and her his mother used to be book keeper. The fact that Chew Shou Zi keeps his private life away from the spotlight, not much is known about his siblings and his parents names.

Shou zi chew’s wife name is Vivian kao, an American of Taiwanese descent. He met his wife Vivian Kao in 2008 when they were both attending Harvard Business School. They have two son together.

Real NameShou Zi Chew
Date Of BirthJanuary 1, 1983
Birth PlaceSingapore
Age40 Years
PartnerVivian Kao
TitleCEO of TikTok( 2021-Present )
EducationUniversity College London (BEc), Harvard University ( MBA)

Education :

He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in 2004. Later, he earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Harvard Business School in 2010.

Career :

Shoi zi chew was a Hwa Chong alumnus and was an officer in the Singapore Armed Forces during his national service (NS). Shou Zi Chew started his career as an investment banking analyst at Goldman Sachs in London in 2004. After completing his MBA, he joined DST Global in 2010, there he worked for five years. He was responsible for leading investments in some of the world’s most successful tech companies, including Alibaba, Xiaomi, and Didi Chuxing. In 2015, Chew joined Xiaomi as its Chief Financial Officer, and then the company got successful IPO in Hong Kong in 2018. He later served as the President of International Business at Xiaomi, where he oversaw the company’s expansion into global markets. In April 2021, Chew was appointed as the CEO of ByteDance, the parent company of popular social media app TikTok. Chew’s appointment as CEO of ByteDance is seen as a significant move for the company, which has faced increasing scrutiny from governments around the world over data privacy concerns. Chew is expected to bring his extensive experience in finance and international business to help steer ByteDance through these challenges and continue its growth trajectory.

What means by entrepreneur?

As we all know that shou zi chew is a famous entrepreneur so have you ever wondered what is entrepreneurship?

“An entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new business, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards. The process of setting up a business is known as entrepreneurship.”

How entrepreneurs makes money?

“They make money by capitalizing on an innovative solution for a unique, large-scale need and if, possible, repeating the process by providing additional solutions for additional needs.”

How to become a entrepreneur?

1. Develop a clear vision: A successful entrepreneur should have a clear vision for their business and a plan to achieve it.

2. Take calculated risks: Entrepreneurs should be willing to take calculated risks and be comfortable with uncertainty.

3. Build a strong team: A strong team is essential for any successful business. Entrepreneurs should focus on building a team that shares their vision and has the skills and experience needed to achieve it.

4. Stay focused: Entrepreneurs should stay focused on their goals and not get distracted by other opportunities or challenges.

5. Be adaptable: The business environment is constantly changing, and entrepreneurs need to be adaptable and able to pivot when necessary.

6. Continuously learn: Successful entrepreneurs are always learning and seeking new knowledge and skills to improve their business.

7. Build relationships: Building strong relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners is essential for any successful business.

8. Be resilient: Entrepreneurship can be challenging, and entrepreneurs need to be resilient and able to overcome setbacks and failures.

Net worth :

As of 2023, Chew Shou Zi had an estimated net worth of about $200 million

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