What is social media?  Its types, advantages, disadvantages, definition and examples.

What Is Social Media If you have even a little knowledge about Internet and technology, then you must have heard the name of Social Media, some of you might be using it.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat etc. are all apps and websites used for social media where millions of users come and upload messages, images, videos related to their knowledge, emotions, talent, and entertainment etc.  And share.  

Definition Of social media :

Social media is a type of website and application which is designed in such a way that the user can easily use it and can create and share content as per his need such as images, videos, messages etc.  Nowadays, most people use smartphones and tablets to access social media but it started with computers.  Social media can be done with any Internet telecommunication tool where users can quickly create content, share it and reach their content to as many people as possible.

 Social media can be any kind of digital tools (website, apps) where the user can quickly create his content and share it in the internet world.  If we talk about social media websites and apps, there is a huge list of them like Twitter where short messages, links etc. are shared, Instagram where you share images and videos.

How social media works?

 Now let us know what is social media (What Is Social Media), which we tried to explain in very simple and easy language.  Now we will tell you how social media works.  There are many types of websites and apps available on the internet to use social media and each of these apps and websites has different functions.

 To use most social media sites, first of all one needs to go to their site and create a profile, for which necessary information like name, email and mobile number etc. is required.  After creating an account on social media, you can create content (video, image, message etc.) as per your interest and share it publicly.

social media sites names :

 Talking about social media sites and apps, you can find up to 100 apps on the internet but among them all, Facebook is used the most.  You can see the list of some famous social media apps below.

·        Facebook

·        Instagram

·        TikTok

·        Skype

·        Telegram

·        WeChat

·        Youtube

·        Twitter

·        LinkedIn

·        snapchat

·        Tumblr

·        Pinterest

·        Quora

·        Sina Weibo

·        Reddit

Benefits of using social media :

 Means of communication: In social media, through the internet, you can communicate with a person living anywhere in the world. You can share your feeling, interest, knowledge etc. through posts, articles and can be shared by others.  You can see the information below.

 Business and Product Marketing: Through social media, you can easily reach your business and product to customers and audience.

 List of Audience: A business man and artist can create a good audience through social media for branding his business and product.  In social media, you can create a list of audience according to your business and then market your product and brand among them.

Some problems caused by social media :

 Spam: Spamming is very easy through social media, in today’s time more cases of spamming are heard through social media.  Spamming is done by both real humans and bots. If you use social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. then you will see how many spam messages and chat invitations appear in your profile.  If you are a blogger then you must have often seen how many spam comments you receive.

 Privacy/Security: In today’s time, most of the social media sites get hacked by hackers from time to time, while the social media company makes many security arrangements for it.  Apart from this, the user’s private data also gets hacked.

 Fake News: Fake news websites always share wrong news on social media to promote their links and news, their main objective is to bring traffic to their website.

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