Miley Cyrus is being sued after allegedly posting a picture of herself on Instagram when she didn’t have the rights to do so

According to court documents obtained by Billboard,

paparazzo Robert Barbera has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the 29-year-old singer for sharing a picture he took without permission or attribution

Cyrus posted a photo on social media of herself waving to onlookers while exiting a building 

allegedly taken by Barbera in 2020. It did not credit the photographer in its caption

Music Times reports that copyright law attributes a photo's copyright to the person who took the photo. 

the star reportedly did not ask for the right to use it.


The subject of the photo does not receive automatic rights to use it 

Even if it was taken without the subject's permission. 

And has previously sued Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber with the same claim.