Mikhail Gorbachev    Has died at 91

who played a central role in ending the Cold War, died Tuesday at the age of 91. 

Russian media reported his death, citing the hospital that was treating him as saying he died of a "serious and protracted disease," 

Gorbachev's trademark policies of glasnost and perestroika helped open up the Soviet economy and liberalize society in the late 1980s, 

Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990, 

he was seen by many abroad, including President Ronald Reagan, as a visionary. 

Matlock notes that though Reagan's speech was made in 1987,

the Berlin Wall came down in 1990. 

Large Radish

those in power made all the decisions for them." 

Gorbachev added that a lasting democracy will never come without a fight.

God rest his soul