Harriet Robson Age, Networth, Height, Birthday, Boyfriend, Wiki

Harriet Robson Age, Height, Networth, Birthday, Boyfriend, Biography

Harriet Robson is a British supermodel and the girlfriend of England international football player Mason Greenwood. She and her boyfriend got involved in an incident that is currently under investigation by the police. She is an accomplished young lady who has been able to get something going before getting the spotlight on her. She is best known for her hilarious short videos on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Harriet Robson Birthday

Harriet Robson was born and raised in England (the United Kingdom) in 2003. She will be 19 years old as of 2022. She was a model at Commack High School in Commack, England, United Kingdom (11725). She later became a defensive back for the Southern Methodist University football team. After completing his graduation, he began working as an actor with other content creators and social media influencers.

Harriet Robson Net Worth

According to 2022, their earnings have increased more than in the last several years, and there have been many more platforms for their earnings, according to Harriet Robson, from which they earn a lot and the most money. There is more money coming from their house, even from Instagram.

By entertaining people on Twitch, less money comes in, and people see that they are becoming very famous. They are also extremely popular on the Internet. Discuss Earnings, Harriet Robson As of June 2022, their earnings were $15,000, which is very viral and always likes to do good work. Any internet company’s advertisement earns money no matter where you live. Let’s Get Started With The Family.

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As for her education, there isn’t so much, but we know she did attend all her schools in the United Kingdom. She also graduated from a well-known university where she studied business.

They all live happily, with both parents providing for all their needs, mostly when they were still kids. Their growing up was also blissful, knowing they had many gatherings and shared memories as a family. They have always kept the family tradition alive, even as they have grown older, and they still make time for family gatherings.

Wiki, Information

Real NameHarriet Robson
Nick NameHarriet
Date Of Birth1999
Age As 202224 Years Old
Professionsocial media Infulancer
Birth Place / Nationallyengland United Kingdom

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Height, Weight

Let us also Harriet Robson he is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 65 kilograms.

Height5 Feet 5 Inches
Weight65 Kilograms
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown

Family Parents

She was born, she lives with her family, and she adores her family. We tried to learn a lot about the father, but we didn’t get any information about his parents, and nothing about this is mentioned on the internet. What are his parents’ names.

Father NameUpdate Soon
Mother NameUpdate Soon

imstagram – harriet_insta


Harriet is the girlfriend of Manchester United football club player Mason Greenwood.

Boyfriend, With RelationshipMason Greenwood
MarriedUpdate Soon

More Information About – Harriet

They grew on each other, making their relationship perfect with no weaknesses It was all roses for them until things got out of hand, leading to an ugly incident.

Harriet posted a video and pictures of herself being physically abused by her boyfriend The case escalated quickly, leading to the Manchester United player being arrested by the police.

His place on the team was taken away from him, causing many sponsors to back out of the deal they had with him prior to the acc England, United . Mason Greenwood was charged with assault, rape, and other crimes, which were all laid down on him by the police after his arrest.

It hasn’t been good since then, but he was released and could be joining his club, Manchester United Harriet Robson and Mason Greenwood might have ended their relationship, but we don’t know anything yet from both ends.

Biography, Wiki, Career

She confirmed the incident with some pictures, videos, and audio clips that were made public.

They all went viral within minutes of their release. It soon got the attention of the police, who immediately swung into action with an arrest. Alan Robson, the victim’s father, had a lot to say about her daughter being abused by someone she loves.

Authorities are still on the case despite the football player being released to continue his normal life without football. Harriet Robson is still recovering from the terror of going through such an event with her boyfriend, Mason Greenwood.

She’s also the most active Instagram user. It is the most active on the internet and enjoys looking at people, photos, and videos. They are never idle and are always active. when did Kom begin? Her career began when she was 20 years old, when she realised she could do something significant in her life and earn a lot of money by putting her money on the internet. People loved to laugh very much, too. She liked to treat people the most, so she thought that she would have to go on the Internet to make a career, and since it has come on the Internet, she is entertaining people.

I am very motivated to do this for my loved ones and my community.They do more entertainment, and people are also interested in seeing it all together. According to 2022, it makes the most money and is the most popular in today’s society. I am a well-known celebrity. What Do They Like to Do, and Where Do They Have Accounts on the Internet? It’s also the most viral on the internet, so let’s show you what he likes to do on the internet and his Instagram counter on the internet.In a million years, how many flowers can there be? We’ve shown it below, so let’s show it to you below.

She has not revealed any information about his better half. Similarly, no updates on his relationship have been made to this date. Along these lines, he may be single as of now.

Wiki, Facts

Their relationship might have hit the end of the road, but nothing has been confirmed.

Like every other relationship, theirs started so well because they shared a lot and always showed up when needed.

Their relationship had been low-key for a long time before they decided to appear in public.

During their early days of dating, they did everything low-key, ensuring they avoided scrutiny from the media, which is always not good.

At that point, knowing they were very young and didn’t know much made it less desirable to be in a relationship.

For now, we don’t have much information on how things started, like their first date and where they met at the beginning of everything.

Although we have a theory that they were childhood friends who might have met when they went to school together,


  • Who Is She and Why Is She Famous?
  • She is a social media influencer, comedian, and content creator. She became extremely popular on social media by posting comedy videos.
  • Is Harriet Robson dating someone right now?
  • According to publicly available data and resources, he is single and not dating anyone.

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